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Trava and Tiago Tent Design Process / April 15, 2014


The bridges of Santiago Calatrava inspired the design for both the Trava and Tiago. We love the striated supports of Calatrava’s bridges that work both as function and aesthetic. Our packs also incorporate reinforced ribcage patterning and we knew we could combine both ideas into our tents.
One of the most challenging parts of the design was working out how the seams and overall patterning would work with the pole structure. Multiple prototypes created with duct tape, random hubs, and strings were used to push through the structural design process. Aside from the challenge of figuring this all out it was also one of the best parts of the project for our team.
Many people ask why we chose the white tent color. Through our color process we decided that we wanted to create a tent that would stand out from other tent color ways. The result is a completely white fly and full gray-scale canopy and pole system.
We envision these tents being used on beaches in South-East Asia to backpacking in the Sierras. One our latest photo-shoots was down in La Paz Mexico and both tents were right at home on the beach.