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Who We Are

Boreas Gear is a small independent outdoor gear company cultivated amid and inspired by the many talented fabricators, artisans, and designers of San Francisco’s Mission District. Boreas Gear crafts products that are functional representations of the thriving entrepreneurial city and the striking California landscape.

Since 2010, our small and dedicated team has created award-winning gear that is as dynamic and versatile as the outdoor enthusiasts who use them. We are committed to designing beautiful, practical, hardwearing gear to enable people to have the best possible experience outdoors, whether they are backpacking in Yosemite or sea kayaking along the Pacific coast. We think that the best designs come from time, testing, and concentration--something best done outside of the constraints of a big outdoor brand.  


About the Brand
Boreas is a collaborative of outdoor industry folks with a shared vision for the future of outdoor equipment. We see an opportunity for better products, designed from the ground up, with styling, functionality and an attractive price, all built for users whose needs range from the city dweller's commute, a backpacker's trek into the mountains or seeking adventure around the globe.
Our designs themselves are clean, simple and unlike anything else in the industry. Developed by a team of designers with years of experience creating equipment for The North Face, Eddie Bauer/First Ascent and Jeremy Jones. Our first designs, The Lost Coast and Buttermilks multi-day packs are a refreshing combination of lightweight suspension and intelligent pack bag design in an era of heavily featured lookalikes. From our hidden daisy chains to the corrugated Z-Foam technology and abrasion lotus prints our designs are distinctively unique.

About Tae Kim
In 2010, Tae Kim started Boreas Gear with a motley crew of creative folks in San Francisco. Raised in Alaska, a place where there are far more Grizzly bears than women, Tae spent his days fishing, camping and skiing with his crazy family. It was this time in his life that kindled his passion for the outdoors. Tae left Alaska to pursue a degree in design and began his journey into the outdoor industry. His love of design and the great outdoors led him to become the design director for the North Face. During this seven year period, Tae gained the knowledge and skill to set out on his own.
As Creative Director for Boreas, Tae leads a team of designers committed to designing beautiful, practical, hardwearing gear made to be used everyday. Tae Kim is also the founder and creative director for Alite Designs, a casual camping company also based in San Francisco.