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Boreas Birth / March 21, 2014
Straight out of undergrad, I was a car designer for Ford Motor Company. Although  I made the transition away from car design quickly in my design career, I still love concept show cars. Every year, I research new concept cars that come out of the Auto Show circuit. I love blending outside influences like car design into my outdoor designs.
During the launch of Boreas, I was super into Mazda concept cars from 2006-2008. My favorites, Nagre and Furai, explore organic wind flow. The Furai (pictured below) is one of the best concept cars ever produced and is a major source of inspiration in Boreas pack designs. Another source of inspiration is Mission Motors One PLR concept bike (also pictured below), styled by Yves Behar. The abrasion reflective lotus pattern print, found on all Boreas packs, is derived from Mission Motors sick concept bike. These sources of inspiration in conjunction with my take on technical outdoor pack design led to Boreas's first line of award winning pack designs.  -Tae Kim, Founder