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Erawan (Reykjavik Grey)

Limited Urban Series

  • The Erawan is a streamlined duffel conversion with a waterproof pocket and tuckable suspension for an easy stow during travel.

    Casual or professional, the Reykjavik line uses a grey cotton blend canvas as a special touch to our Boreas pack collection. The soft hand and light color on the outside cloak the technical versatility of these packs, allowing them to blend in at the office or a night out, while keeping the same functionality and comfortable feel as your trekking pack.

  • FABRICS: Nylon / Cotton blend canvas.

    SUSPENSION: Perforated EVA Zig Zag Foam.

    BODY: Tuck-away/adjustable shoulder straps for a wide range of fits. Hidden daisy chains, large waterproof pocket, and built-in wet/dry pocket.

    • Erawan 50
    • VOL: 50L / 3,051in3
    • TORSO: 17.5” / 44.5cm
    • WT: 3lb 1oz / 1383g
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