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Tamarack 40 SE Backcountry Pack (Cirrus Grey)

40L Lightweight New-Generation Boreas Pack

  • New for 2017, the Tamarack is the lightest pack in our backcountry series. This pack has all the essential features of the Lost Coast and Buttermilks packs; like the sturdy ribcage construction, adjustable shoulder and hipbelt straps, and hidden daisy chains. This new pack also includes some unique features including: a dual closure roll-top that can be secured to the sides of the pack or up top, double front access zippers for quick access to gear or layers when on the move, and a specially designed hipbelt water bottle pocket. So if you're looking for the next level backpack within the Boreas family, the Tamarack Pack is it.

    The Tamarack 40 is the little brother of the 48. Though smaller in size, the 40 is just as rugged and versatile, has most of the 48's essential features, and is great for full-day adventures.

    • Lightweight body with robust bottom area
    • 70D top and front, 100D mid and 420D bottom panels
    • Removable internal suspension system
    • Stretch side pockets
    • Rain cover

  • FABRICS: Most of the body is made out of ultra-lightweight yet strong nylon material (70D and 100D robic ripstop). It has a special silicone/polyurethane coating that makes it highly tear resistant. The bottom material uses a double weight version of the body material (Nylon 420D) for more durability.

    SUSPENSION: Molded, perforated Z-foam back panel, removable aluminum frame, adjustable hip belt, perforated shoulder straps. Can maintain pack structure or cut weight for lightweight travel.

    BODY: Lightweight shoulder strap construction, dual closure roll-top, zippered storage pocket, dual zipper front body access, lightweight water bottle holder at side pocket, reinforced ribcage system, compression hip belt pockets, new single side hidden daisy chain

    • TAMARACK 40 Small
    • VOL: 40L / 2440in3
    • TORSO: 16in-18in / 40cm-46cm
    • WT: 2lb 9oz/ 1,160g
    • TAMARACK 40 Medium
    • VOL: 40L / 2440in3
    • TORSO: 18in-20in / 46cm-51cm
    • WT: 2lb 10oz/ 1,200g
    • TAMARACK 40 Large
    • VOL: 40L / 2440in3
    • TORSO: >20in / >51cm
    • WT: 2lb 10oz/ 1,200g
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