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Wilderness Design Workshop


On July 17, the Boreas Design Team will lead a select group to a wilderness location in Northern California for a design workshop. The project incorporates mad scientist creativity, rapid prototyping, and constructive teamwork in an outdoor setting. The end goal is to build a temporary shelter to use on this three day design journey. 

Contest Rules and Eligibility:

  1. Must be 21+ and apply by June 2, 2015.
  2. There is no cost to enter or participate in the event.
  3. Must be able to travel to Northern California by July 16 for the three day adventure.

Application Steps: 

  1. We want to see your design process in some way, shape, or form. Instagram something you’ve made, prototyped, or sketched and tag #DesignWild @boreasgear
  2. Send us an email at wdw@boreasgear.com and include the Instagram photo as well as your username. We also ask for you to include a short piece of writing in 150 words or less that answers the following:
  • What inspires you to design/create/make?

  • If you could travel somewhere new, where would it be and why?

  • Participants will be chosen by June 16, 2015.