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Weatherproof Lovers / February 06, 2017


Have you ever been caught off guard and unprepared by a torrential downpour? It's...unpleasant. 2017 is the year for weatherproof adventuring and our Monterey and Echo packs are designed to handle the storm and not the other way around. Combining the functionality of a technical dry-bag with the versatility and styling of traditional daypacks, these unique bags will take you on a adventure traveling abroad as easily as they'll take you on your morning commute.


We had a lot of ideas for what our first foray into weatherproof packs could look like. These sketches represent some of the design directions we considered for the Echo and Monterey. Sketching helps us lay out different early concepts for a particular product so we can narrow them down to the ones we want to develop.


After we use our hands to create initial concepts for our bags, we use computers to produce digital renderings that allow us to see what our sketches will like with 3-D characteristics. This stage of the design process is also helpful for visualizing and deciding what color direction a product will take.


The prototyping phase was particularly important for the Weatherproof Series packs as they had to be subjected to rigorous field testing in rainy conditions. We developed multiple working prototypes of the Echo and Monterey weatherproof packs that ended up spending the beginning of their lives in and under water to prove to us which construction and materials functioned best.


Boreas Lead Designer, Todd Wilkinson uses markers to imbue his sketches with color and detail. He uses Copic, Prismacolor, and Chartpak markers because of their distinctive illustrating qualities. When used together, these markers can create a variety of richness and tone in a product sketch depending on the desired rendering effect.