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Erawan and Sapa Trek Design Process / July 02, 2014

Many of you are familiar with how we like to roll here at Boreas, and we love showing insight into our transparent design process. Our Adventure Travel Category is full of designs that are inspired by renowned travel destinations. These exotic places include Erawan National Park in western Thailand and the Sapa Trek in Vietnam. Our packs are realized through an iterative design process which includes countless rounds of sketches and numerous prototypes. 


WIth the launch of our collaboration with MASH SF comes an insiders look into our design process of the Erawan Duffle and Sapa Trek. Below are some photos of the research, design, and development stages of our Adventure Pack Series!

Mash SF Collaboration




For both the Erawan and Sapa Trek we wanted to create packs that make adventure travel easy and smooth going. In order to achieve this we focused on clean access points and reinforced areas to take the beating from airports, trains and boats. Upon destination arrival it was essential that you can throw the Erawan and Sapa Trek on your back to make your way through a city or up a mountain. These packs came to life through a prototype iteration process. This process means that we didn't just want to look at the designs on paper, we had to see it, touch it and test it (over and over). Both packs went through transformations as we honed in on problem areas and key features that needed attention. Enjoy the pics below as they give a great peek into what we do here at Boreas!

Erawan Duffle


Sapa Trek