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The Lost Coast was one of the first backpacks we ever designed, and we put a great deal of time and consideration into how it would look and function. We intended for it to set a standard of excellence on which all of our future products would be modeled. The stretch paneled pockets, hideaway daisy chains, and perforated z-foam suspension earned the Lost Coast the 2012 Backpacker Magazine Editors Choice award and paved the way for a generation of sleek looking packs designed for high performance outdoor activity. Three years later, this versatile pack is still the gold standard for serious backcountry enthusiasts and day hikers alike.

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The angled compression straps and “ribcage” construction of the Lost Coast pack body are some early innovations that make it a sturdier and more durable backpack that is able to pull weight up and in, closer to your back when hauling gear on long treks. The hidden daisy chain rows down both sides of the pack and shoulder straps allow for maximized utility and gear attachments and can be tucked away when not in use in order to minimize loose and dangling straps, creating a supremely functional, yet clean looking pack.

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We took some detail shots of the Lost Coast to highlight its features and functions. The z-foam back panel, along with the distinctive features of the Boreas DNA make this pack an indispensable tool for your next backcountry adventure.

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Congratulations to Marlisa Wise for being this month's Travelers Grant Winner. We have always been inspired by those who choose to find their adventures along the road less traveled. This fall, she will embark on a solo motorcycle tour across 7,000 miles of America’s scenic back roads. Her journey will take her coast to coast, through national parks, and over many diverse and stunning landscapes from Brooklyn to Joshua Tree. 

We will select a new Travelers Grant winner each month for our design team to equip with a tailored inventory of Boreas gear. Tell us about your trip and you could be next. Learn more about how to apply on the TRAVELERS GRANT PAGE on our website.




In July, the Boreas design team took a group of participants for our first ever Wilderness Design Workshop. The first phase of the workshop focused on design. The participants were taken on a tour of our workshop and design studio before we hauled off to a remote cabin in the Tahoe National Forest. Once outside at the cabin, the real work began and the Boreas design team led the participants on an intensive journey of brainstorming, sketching, designing, and building that resulted in the construction of some very innovative and original tent designs from our guests.

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After a day and half of hard work building and bringing their ideas from sketches to full scale, working prototypes, it was time to put their designs to the test. We packed up our new shelters and some supplies and headed out to an alpine lake where the designers spent some quality outdoor time hiking, swimming and also sleeping in the tents they created and sharing their design inspiration and processes with the group. 

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